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Mood & Whimsy has its roots in the garden.  Our flower design journey began by growing all the special varieties we could get our hands on.  As the garden grew, so did our design skills and after a couple seasons working with other floral designers, we began doing weddings and events of our own.  

Inspired by nature, our flowers reflect life in its multitude of complexities as well as its gifts.  We do our best to both work with and honor nature in the sourcing of our flowers as well as in the aesthetic of our designs.  Sustainability matters to us and we intentionally choose to practice our art in a way that does not harm our world.

Erin Lugosi

Owner & Lead Designer



While we love the hands on design work with flowers, getting to know you and dreaming up creative designs for your unique celebration is where our passion really takes flight. Taking cues from you and your design inspirations, we will craft a cohesive floral and botanical artscape to enhance the venue space and curate an experience of beauty for your celebration..  

Interested in having us create some beauty for your event or wedding? 

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