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We're going to be honest with you: flowers are expensive. 


While we believe everyone should have the chance to hold a gorgeous bouquet on their wedding day, Pinterest dreams simply cannot be created on the cheap. 

In order to create the level of flower dreams we specialize in, our full-scale floral design services begin at a minimum of $4,000*.

*If you are interested in having our florals for an intimate event or smaller celebration, please inquire and we will make a determination based on our availability.


Each event will have its own unique design plan, but as a general rule, floral prices will increase with your guest count, bridal party count, and choice of special floral design elements. Below are general estimates for our two main design tiers.


Our most popular design tier includes full flowering of two main elements of your celebration, or smaller designs spread out. We will work together to determine what is possible based upon your budget and priorities.

Under 100 guests - $4,500+

Over 100 guests - $6,500+


Our top tier of design includes floral elements for every part of your celebration: personals, ceremony design, cocktail/bar, reception tablescapes.

Under 100 guests - $9,000+

Over 100 guests - $13,000+


These prices are not a rule, but are here to give you a general idea of what to expect. There are so many ways to get creative with a space and design scope and each proposal and event design will be unique. We know ways to make a budget stretch and how to maximize the use of each floral element, but we also care deeply about the overall finished product of your event design.

Trust us. Flowers are our artistic medium.

Working with living elements is both an art and a science and knowing all the ins and outs of timing, treatment and design is our expertise. Give us a glimpse into the colors you love and aesthetics that excite you and let us dream up something exceptional for your special day!

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