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I'm a detail girl, so I get wanting to know the nitty gritty.  Here are some of our frequently asked questions.  If your question isn't covered here, add it into your inquiry or slide into our DM's on Instagram.

What does it cost to book you for my event?

As each event is a custom design endeavor, the costs can vary, but our Investment page is here to give a rough idea of what to expect.  A cost estimate based on your design plan will be included in your initial proposal.  This is why we ask about budget when you inquire.  It really helps us create a design plan that works for you.

What if we don't know what we want yet?

Don't you worry your pretty head - dreaming up beauty is our sweet spot!  If you are here because you like what you've seen of our work, then we can definitely help you hone in on the details and collaborate to create a dreamy design plan that fits the two of you.

What do I need to know before inquiring?

Your wedding date and a booked venue. Those are the biggies.


Do you have a minimum?

We do have a minimum order of $4,000 (before tax) for full-service design contracts.  This is so that we can deliver the level of work and floral products that drew you to us in the first place.


We know we want your flower magic; how do we book you?

Woohoo!  First, fill out the inquiry here, if you haven't already.  I will be in touch within 2-3 business days with any further questions.  An initial proposal and contract are sent soon after.  Send back a signed contract with the retainer ($1,000 or 25% of initial accepted proposal, whichever is more) and you are booked. 

What can we expect after we book you?

Umm....Amazing florals, what else?!

But seriously, there is usually a bit of back and forth via email or phone as the design plans get solidified over time.  This may happen with you and/or your planner if you have one.  We will schedule an in person or zoom meeting about 5 weeks before your event to solidify your order, but mostly, you just enjoy your engagement and get excited about how gorgeous your flowers are going to be!


What if we need to cancel?  

I'll be so sad, but my retainers are 50% refundable up to 6 months before your event.

Can we make changes to our order/proposal?  

Absolutely!  The initial proposal is a baseline.  Adjustments to design, color palettes and exact items is to be expected and allowed up to 1 month before your event.  However, the full order must not be reduced by more than 30% of the initial accepted proposal amount.

Do you charge for delivery?  

Yes. Delivery, Set-Up & Tear-Down is 15% of subtotal and is required for full-service contracts. (Set-up time beyond 1hr is an additional $30/hr per person. There may be additional mileage cost depending on location.)

Ready to work with us?

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